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Reports and Downloads

Superconductivity Materials and Applications - Materials UK Preliminary Review

Superconducting materials will have a significant role in advancing industrial and scientific applications with major benefits in various sectors including energy, environment, and healthcare. The UK has world-recognised strength in superconductivity research, innovative magnet design and manufacture, mainly in low temperature superconducting (LT S) applications. This is contrasted by limited presence in high temperature superconducting (HTS) conductor manufacture and limited investment in engineering and manufacturing of HTS applications. This latest report from Materials UK is available for download in PDF format here or by clicking on the image of the report on the right.

A Study of the Recycling and Recovery Infrastructure for Materials Critical to the UK

This Materials KTN study, undertaken as part of the Materials UK programme in collaboration with the Department for Business Innovation and Skills, has identified the principal sources of the critical materials, their major applications, and the extent of the recycling and recovery chain in the UK.  Where no such facility exists in the UK it includes information on European capability.  The critical materials comprise mainly of speciality metals which experience a combination of high economic importance to the UK and a high risk of potential disruption to, or interference in, supply.

The report, which is in draft format, is available to download in PDF format (1MB)

An executive summary of the report is also available here.

The Materials KTN would appreciate your comments on any inaccuracies or omissions.  The author can be contacted at

Materials R&D for Nuclear Applications - The UK's Emerging Opportunities

The latest report issued by Materials UK is a review carried out by the Dalton Institute on behalf of Materials UK.

The review looks at the opportunities for UK organisations to develop and deploy innovative technologies to support the civil nuclear industry against the following criteria:
1 Is there a UK capacity to develop and exploit the technology and become a leading global player?
2 Does the technology have potential for impact in the right time frame?
3 Is there a clear role for public sector intervention and support that adds value above and beyond that of private investment?

To download a copy of the report in PDF format, click on the report image (right) (File size 3MB)

Nanotechnology: a UK Industry View

The report entitled “Nanotechnology: a UK Industry View” details work carried out by the Mini-IGT following Lord Drayson’s launch of the Government evidence gathering website on 7th July 2009 with the announcement that the UK would develop a Nanotechnology Strategy.

The report has been prepared on behalf of industry to provide a market wide view of what is required to ensure that nanotechnology based industries are successful in the UK. It has been actively endorsed by a Steering and Review Group comprising 46 leaders from industry, academia, research and technology organisations and trade associations.

The report is available to download in PDF format here (1.3MB)


Structural Materials and Materials for the Creative Industries Reports

The latest reports from Materials UK on Structural Materials and Materials for the Creative Industries were launched at an event held at the House of Lords on the 11th June hosted by Lord Haskel. The reports are available for download in PDF format below

Structural Materials (PDF 1MB)
Author: Dr Alan Partridge, NAMTEC

Materials for the Creative Industries (PDF 670KB)
Author: Dr Mark Miodownik, Kings College London

Materials Innovation and Growth Team Report

Click Here to Download the report in PDF format (1MB)

Supporting Documentation

The supporting documentation from the Materials IGT is available on the Materials KTN.

Click here to go directly to the pages on the Materials KTN

Note: You will need to be registered as a member of the Materials KTN to access the pages.


Science & Technology Task Group

The reports of the Science & Technology Task Group and associated subgroups are available for download. Please click on the links below to download

Science & Technology Main Report
PDF ( 2.5MB)

Structural Materials Report
PDF (1.2MB)

Functional Materials Report
PDF (5.2MB)

Multifunctional Materials Report
PDF (0.3MB)

Biomaterials Report
PDF (2.1MB)

Modelling Report
PDF (1.6MB)


Materials IGT Youth Report

Materials UK has published a booklet entitled WHAT'S THE FUTURE MADE OF? as a companion publication to the Materials IGT Final Report. The booklet is intended to be used in the classroom to highlight to young people in Key Stage 3 the diversity of the materials industry, the importance of materials in our everyday lives, and the career opportunities the industry presents. A pdf version of the booklet is available this site. Please click here to download a copy. Hard copies can be obtained from DTI Publications at


Superconductivity report

recycling report

Nano igt reportstructural materials

creative industries report

Materials IGT Report

Materials IGT Report Click Image to Download PDF (1MB)

Science Technology Report

Science & Technology Group Report. Click Image to download PDF (2.5MB)


Materials IGT Youth Report

Materials IGT Youth Report. Click Image to Download PDF (900KB)

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