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The KTN is an overarching network of networks in Materials, set up to bring together the views of all in business, designers, research and technology organisations, trade associations, the financial market, academia and others in the value network across the materials community. The KTN and its network groups will provide a range of activities and initiatives to enable the exchange of knowledge and the stimulation of business innovation. Bringing all the materials networks together under the one umbrella will ensure we work together, optimise resources, spread best practice and provide a one-stop shop for materials advice and expertise to UK manufacturing and service providers.

Key sectors covered by this Web Portal include:

  • Materials - structural, functional, Smart materials and systems
  • Applications
  • Technology, Processing and Characterisation
  • Materials innovation and growth team (MatIGT)
  • Community and Sector Groups - Materials Faradays and other networks
  • Policy and support

The forum is also a tool for communication, and allows you to join and influence current debates in the materials sector. We look forward to welcoming you into our membership and to your participation in the debate about the future of this important sector of our economy.

Registering with the Materials KTN gives you:

  • Access to the latest news, developments and reports on materials technology from around the world, gathered from all sectors of the community
  • The facility to participate in debate about the future of materials technology in the UK in a secure online environment
  • Signposting to analytical and manufacturing facilities available for developments
  • Signposting to funding agencies for new research and developments in materials
  • On-line conference and meeting facilities
  • Collaboration and discussion areas

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To access the majority of the site, you will need to be a member of the portal.


Materials KTN Annual Meeting - Making a Difference with Materials

Tuesday 24th April 2007, Central Westminster Hall, Storey's Gate London

Celebrating the first year of the Materials KTN, this event celebrated and showcased the activities of the Materials KTN and where the KTN and its Node's are making a difference in materials.

The provisional programme for the event is shown below.

Copies of the presentations from the event are available on the Materials KTN website

Provisional Programme

Coffee and Registration
Welcome and Introduction, Wyn Jones, Chairman, Materials KTN

Keynote Lecture
Materials in Balance with Design - Sebastian Conran, Conran & Partners

Materials Selection to Minimise Environmental Impact - Prof. Michael Ashby, Granta Design
Feedback from Biomimetics and Product Design Mission
Speaker to be Confirmed

Materials KTN Operating Highlights
Introduction – Dr Robert Quarshie, Operations Director, Materials KTN

Activities in Transport - Professor Patrick Grant, Faraday Advance
Metal and Alloy Activities - Dr Alan Partridge, NAMTEC
Packaging Activities - Dr Cathy Barnes, Faraday Packaging
Plastics and Rubber Activities - Brian Turtle, Faraday Plastics
Particulate Engineering - Stuart MacLachlan, PowdermatriX
Activities in Composites - Dr Deborah Pullen, NCN
Smart Materials and Structures, Dr Alan Hooper, SMART.mat
Technical Textiles -
Materials and Design Exchange

Lunch, Exhibition and Posters

Parallel Workshops, Exhibition and Networking

  • SMART.mat
  • Materials and Design Exchange
Prizes and Awards
Closing Address - Wyn Jones, Chairman, Materials KTN
Refreshments and Exhibition