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Policy and Regulation

The materials community should work with Government, and where appropriate the EU, on regulatory policy to ensure that the community is well informed and that the policy makers are fully aware of the implications of their ideas on the future wealth creation capability of the materials community for the UK.

A particular aim should be to deliver regulation that balances the need to protect the environment and human health without compromising safety critical components. For example, it is important to avoid blanket bans on substances where there are no adequate substitutes. When materials that have been in use are to be withdrawn (which should only be on the basis of a thorough risk assessment), it is important to give industry enough time to develop substitutes.

MatUK will bring together regulatory issues of common concern across sectors and along supply chains. It will work with the regulators to define common objectives to accelerate improvements in outcomes in the most efficient and effective way.


Ray Newell (EMDA)

To participate in the work of this group please contact the secretariat.


Last Updated 30/6/09