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Education and Skills

Materials UK Education and Skills Working Group

The Materials Innovation and Growth Team (IGT) identified a number of important issues relating to education and skills in the materials industry. The IGT Final Report contains a number of recommendations in this area and an Education & Skills Working Group has been established by Materials UK to consider how these can best be implemented.


David Pulling (GKN)
  Bob John (TWI)

Materials Education and Skills - A Wake Up Call

A new report by the Education and Skills working group has been published.

In order to meet the requirements of the materials industry we must provide high quality teaching in science, technology, engineering and mathematics and better mechanisms for skills development at all levels in the materials supply chain. The report looks at the demographic evidence of falling numbers of skilled engineers and puts forward some potential solutions for secondary and higher education and work based skills training.

The report is available for download here (PDF 1MB)

Technology Skills Audit

NAMTEC are co-ordinating a technology skills audit which is the first National Survey that focuses on Technical skills in the metals manufacturing and processing industry; covering metallurgy, materials science and engineering (electrical, mechanical and manufacturing).

At a time when core skill shortages are becoming a critical factor in our industry we need to establish current activity levels and would ask you to take time out to complete the survey and return it by fax to 01709 724999 or via email

To download the skills audit survey form please click here.


Materials UK Youth Report: "What's the Future Made of?"

Materials UK has published a booklet entitled WHAT'S THE FUTURE MADE OF? as a companion publication to the Materials IGT Final Report. The booklet is intended to be used in the classroom to highlight to young people in Key Stage 3 the diversity of the materials industry, the importance of materials in our everyday lives, and the career opportunities the industry presents. A pdf version of the booklet is available this site. Please click here to download a copy. Hard copies can be obtained from DTI Publications at

Materials IGT Youth Report

Materials IGT Youth Report (PDF 1MB)

Information for Teachers/Schools

SETNET (The Science, Engineering, Technology and Mathematics Network)

SETNET is a UK-wide charity that promotes Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) awareness, especially among young people. The organisation aims to help ensure there is a flow of well-motivated, high quality people going from schools into Science Technology Engineering and Maths careers and prepare young people for the technological world they live in.

SETNET can offer advice and assistance on national and local initiatives available to assist teaching in schools and colleges, including those related specifically to materials, through its regional SETPOINT network. For more information on SETNET and contact details for your local SETPOINT, please visit


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Last Updated 30/6/09